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About Casey

There is a famous adage which is attributed to the Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates - the unexamined life is not worth living. A more idealistic way of putting that is saying our lives are worthy of examination. That can mean something different for each of us, but at its core, it is a call to extract our own unique value from our lives. For me, photography is one way I examine and learn about the world around me. One of my favorite pastimes is to wake up early, drink a quality cup of coffee, and set out on a walk with my camera in hand. My elevated mood, my thoughts and observations, my discoveries and photographs taken are always worth the time invested. Photography marries observation with creation in a way that begs one to get out and see the world. And there’s a funny thing about learning and exploring the world: the more you see, the less you know!

Aside from photography, I enjoy surfing, reading, spending time with my lovely girlfriend, learning new skills, aviation, and travel. My airline pilot job helps fulfill my travel and photography interests.

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